Bulk order pricing is 10% discount.  Must be 5 or more courses and must all be paid by one credit card, at one time.  No exceptions.

Process is as follows:

  1. Take all credit card information and Strip Account information over the phone, enter into Stripe, and charge card (One-time only) (See NOTE on Forever Editions)
  2. Share Google Sheet access with Bulk Account owner email
  3. Client completes spreadsheet
  4. Add courses to existing Thinkific students per spreadsheet OR Create new Thinkific accounts before adding courses        
  5. Email Bulk Buyer instructions to have staff login to courses.prontotaxschool.com (using templated Freshsales email called "Bulk Order Instructions (Post Sale) for each Student  
  6. Create Deal on Main Account in FreshSales for Bulk Order and mark Won  
  7. Create Individual Deals in each of the student accounts marked at $0 and Bulk Order and be sure they are tagged under the Main Account
  8. Update Mailchimp with all students and courses        
  9. Set Task on Account in FreshSales to follow-up in a week to check-in on everything


Ideally, we do not sell the Forever Editions because we cannot automate the addition of courses in Thinkific for each student or connect which students are attached to each bulk account in Stripe. Also, student lists might change year to year. The best practice is to handle manually each year as the needs of the Bulk Account change.

However, should the Client push back and want Forever Editions, we can set them up on a bulk recurring charge for their agreed upon number of licenses, but we will also need to write tasks to ourselves in FreshSales, and on our Calendars, to remind us to manually renew these Forever Editions when they are charged and follow these Process Steps below.

Any questions ask your team leader.