We have a "store" on ProntoTaxSchool.com, check it out here, and one of the things we sell in the store is hard copy textbooks of the courses.

When someone orders a book, Andy will receive an email showing the customer's name, address, and which product they've ordered.

Andy would then forward this email to support@prontotaxschool.com, putting "SHIP BOOK" in the email subject line, and creating a ticket in the FreshDesk system.

Support@prontotaxschool.com would then forward that email (containing customer information) to info@westsideprintcenter.com.  This email address is Sheila at our printer and they have agreed to print and ship the books for us.  So all you have to do is forward the email to Westside Print Center, tell them which book to print and ship, and then always ask Westside Print to confirm once the book has shipped.

Go ahead and mark the ticket "pending" once you've placed the order with Sheila / Westside Print Center.

Then close the ticket on your end once you hear back from Sheila (or her team) that book has shipped.

If you do not hear back within two days that it has shipped, follow up to make sure Westside Print is getting the job done.