"They have a better deal than we have?  That would be surprising.  Tell you what, let's look at their pricing right now together, while I have you on the phone, that way we can make sure we're looking at the same thing."

Then get them to send you a link or show you exactly what they are looking at when they're quoting that pricing.

This is the pricing I see for unlimited efile with TaxAct Professional: https://www.taxact.com/professional/products/bundles

It is MORE expensive than we're offering.

You can also ask these questions:

"Does that include access to 15 years of past years tax software included at no extra charge?  Because our software deal has that."

"Does that include email and phone tech support including 24/7 support during peak tax season?  Because our software deal has that."

And OF COURSE the famous, "Are you looking for the dirt cheapest rock bottom pricing, just the absolute cheapest bottom of the barrel stuff you can get your filthy hands on, or are you looking for top-notch software, with great support, for an insanely reasonable price?"

Feel free to edit that last statement to suit your own personality...LOL

And remember, HAVE FUN with it!  There is a saying in real estate called, "Buyers are liars."  Buyers constantly lie about other people are offering and how it's so much cheaper, how much money they do or don't have, or whatever else.

Major key is to build rapport with the person, have fun with it, and present our value the best you can and they can make a decision from there.