We offer payment plans on software.

If customer doesn't pay the payments, they need to get cut off from the software, however you do NOT delete the customer because they would lose all their records.

Here's how to disconnect the customer from the softwar:

To disable the ability of a  user to be able to connect our servers, we would use the hold function in the portal under Support > Manage Offices as show below:



Next we want to find the office that needs to be placed on hold and press the green hold button under the “Toggle Hold” column for the row corresponding to an office you want to put on hold. The button will then change from green to red, indicating that the office is now on hold and cannot communicate with our servers for submission of returns, updates, or any other features related to our services. Shown below is the button before placing an office on hold:



When you are ready to turn the office back on repeat the process this time clicking on the red toggle hold button for the office under the “Toggle Hold” column. The button will then turn green indicating the office is live again.