The Basic Income Tax Course is the first course we ever created at Pronto Tax School and we have put our heart and soul into it.

The challenge for our Pronto Tax School Members who have taken this course, and also for us in our own careers as independent tax professionals, has always been a matter of:

Now what?

New for this year, we have developed a complete roadmap for independent tax professionals, in order to help you reach your full potential.

We call this career roadmap "The Pronto Path."

We lay out every single step of your journey as a tax professional.

Click here to download an infographic showing you exactly how the Pronto Path can help you reach your full potential as a tax professional, while avoiding the common problems that afflict tax professionals as we proceed through our careers.

Download the Pronto Path Infographic and jump on our email list and we will walk with you and assist you as you start and grow your tax career.