A lot of people wish it wasn't as cheap as it is so as to cut down on competition.

But it is, in fact, incredibly cheap.

Let's quickly calculate the total cost to become a professional tax preparer with Pronto Tax School:


Pronto Tax School Basic Income Tax Course


PTIN user fee from IRS.  They used to charge $64.25.  Now getting a PTIN is free.


Total cost to become a tax professional

Yes you read that right: in states other than California, Maryland, Oregon, and New York, your total cost to become a professional tax preparer with Pronto Tax Class is:


That's less than my bar tab last Saturday night!  (Joking of course.  Totally joking.)

In California, one of the most strictly regulated states for just about everything, becoming a registered professional tax preparer with Pronto Tax School will cost you $347 after all is said and done, because you'll need to purchase a tax preparer bond for $50.

Under $350 to obtain both a nice little professional credential and absorb into your mind a wealth of information that could help you keep more money and make more money over the course of your entire lifetime?

Where do you sign up, right? 

You sign up right here.

Not sure if you have looked at other education / career training opportunities lately, but becoming a professional tax preparer is STUPID CHEAP, especially when you consider how much money can be made in the this business.