In order to provide Pronto Tax School Members with the best tax training at the best prices, some of our courses automaticaally renew, as an ongoing Membership.  Other courses are "one time" purchases.  Some courses have both an auto-renew Membership and a one time purchase option, so that you can choose the option that works best for you.

All courses with an auto-renewal Membership option are "cancel anytime with no future obligation."   You do NOT have to renew for the next month or year if your circumstances change or you just don't want the course.  There is NO OBLIGATION to continue with or renew your membership.

How do you know if the course you're buying is an auto-renewing membership?

As you go through the process of buying one of our courses, we include multiple notifications if you're investing an auto-renewing course.  

Below are some example screenshots from our CTEC 20 Hour Forever Edition Membership that notify you, repeatedly, that you're purchasing an auto-renewal before you purchase:

As you are completing your purchase, you're be notified again that you're subscribing to an annual Membership:

We also will include language within your actual course that explains whether or not you are in an automatically renewing membership or not:

You'll also receive multiple reminders before the next charge, so that you can cancel if you want to cancel.

For the 20 Hour CTEC Forever Edition Membership, for example, we sent 7 reminders of the upcoming charge (5 emails and 2 text messages) to make sure that anyone who wants to cancel, can cancel.

If your membership renews and you decide you don't want it anymore, you can refund your purchase within 14 days of the renewal date by contacting our Support Team.

If you're not sure and want to check whether or not you're in any automatically renewing memberships, please contact our Support Team anytime, and we will check and confirm for you.

Automatically renewing courses allows us to provide our Members with additional benefits such as no course expiration date, more product updates at no charge, and locking your price for courses that you need each year.  We understand and respect that some people do not like auto-renewal Memberships, and that is why we offer "one time" options as well.  The Membership option, however, allows us to deliver more value to our Members which is what we love to do.

There is NO obligation to continue in any of our Memberships, there is NO hassle if you decide not to continue, everything we do with our courses is to to HELP YOU and this is no different.

Approximately 70% of our Members choose the automatically renewing Membership because of the additional bonuses and lower prices, however you are always free to do whatever's best for you, we're only happy if you're happy.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Support Team.

Thank you!