Every year, around August/September, uTax (our software partner) updates the Pronto Tax School main office settings requiring us to verify them before we can login. Andy will need to complete this process to enable us to login and process orders.

Each customer will be given two options, the Individual and the Business Entity Versions. If they purchased an Individual version and want to to upgrade to the Business Version, they can pay manually over the phone $300 (or the difference). And the support agent simply makes the change on their account, emailing them a confirmation.

Once a client purchases software, either through the software link off the homepage or the CTEC or AFSP funnel upsells, they will be instructed via the receipt and Thank You Pages to complete the Software Setup Form. An automated Email will be sent to Support upon purchase in case they forget to complete the Google Form, prompting an outgoing Support Call. 

The process from here is:

  1. Collect the information in the Google Form, either by Support agent over the phone, or by customer after purchase (instructions in receipt email).
  2. Enter the information in the Master Software Client Spreadsheet
  3. Follow Imelda's Training Video:
  4. In FreshSales, use Email Template entitled, "Software Has Been Setup" to send to purchaser, which includes two fields you will need to input/update, a) User ID, and b) EFIN notice line (delete if they gave us an EFIN in the Google Form already). This will instruct them to contact the software support number to login.