Every Deal in FreshSales that a salesperson manually creates is a big deal because it's not generated through a client purchase online. 

This means that the salesperson must pay special attention to ensuring this Deal gets to its destination: Closed (Won or Lost).

If an outstanding Deal is not closed yet, this means there is follow-up required, probably some phone calls, and working the Deal to close. [Exception as of 8/24/2018 - Zapier creates new Deals as Open Opportunity, so any marked as created from a Zap should be closed out Won with the Closed Date matching the Estimated Close Date]

This means there must be at least one Task on the Deal at all times.

At no time should there be zero tasks on the Deal. Because in sales, this means you either don't care about the deal or you are not paying attention to your pipeline. 

Your name needs to be on the Deal (for credit and reporting reasons) and a Task needs to be set with a reminder call+email. A brief summary of next steps and what the task involves needs to be present on the Task. 

In other words, "Follow-up Call" with no information is almost useless. If the Task was set out 1 month, and that pops up on your Task list for the day, how are you going to know what to say when you call to follow-up? You won't, which means now you are trying to piece together the story from all the Notes, Conversations, and Support Tickets. Wasting more time on something you should be smiling and dialing on, then on to the next Task.

By taking a moment after each interaction with a Client, logging the email or call, then summarizing the Next Steps in a Task, will help immensely toward increasing Sales, and efficiently moving the Deal to close.

Every day, you are checking your Tasks, as they are proactive for your day. As opposed to reactive Support tickets.

Eventually, you sell the Deal, close it either Won or Lost based on the Client's decision, and you get credit for the deal. If that person purchases at some future date without your knowledge and an automated Deal is created, it should show up as a new Deal in FreshSales, and you can make a judgement on how to close it out appropriately. Either using your manually created Deal as the main deal, updating it with any new information, and deleting the automated one, or using the automatically created one.

Every Deal in FreshSales is worked this way until it reaches Won or Lost. This is the main job of a salesperson.

You have a unique role of a Support Person and a Sales Person, so I know it can get a little overwhelming, but these are the basics.

Imagine if as a team, different people will be picking up where you left off on a Deal. Will they know exactly what to say on a Follow-up Task based on what you entered into it? Months later, imagine you trying to remember each Deal's dynamics. Do you really want to risk mixing up Deals and lose them?

By following these best practices in good CRM management and follow-up, you will be on your way to being a top salesperson!