We created what we call "Forever Edition Memberships" for our best-selling continuing education courses so that we can give our Members a bunch of extra "goodies" that make your life as a tax professional easier, more profitable, and more fun.

If you buy the one-time version of the course first, and then want to upgrade to the Forever Edition Membership later, this is the process:

Remember too that you can always cancel your Forever Edition Membership before it renews and we send multiple reminders before the membership renews.  We only want you to be a Member if you want to be a Member, that being said we are confident that once you see all the extra benefits, you're going to love being a Forever Edition Member!  Thus far we have seen approximately 90% of Forever Edition Members keeping their membership in place for the next year.

Thank you and if any questions about this, please feel free to click here to contact our support team directly.