We totally understand how frustrating it can be to miss out on something like a valuable free training webinar due to no audio or no video.

Let's see if we can pinpoint why you may be having an issue.

1) Are you on a fast Internet connection?

If on slower or spoty wifi your connection to the live stream may hang up. Audio may drop for a few seconds. If longer than about 10 seconds, you will need to click the Reconnect button in the WebinarJam webinar room (typically top middle of the screen) to reset your connection.

2) Can the browser you are using for the webinar play this video smoothly with zero audio or video issues?


3) Are you on the latest Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser?

Rejoin the webinar using one of those.

4) Is there any browser or computer security settings preventing or blocking content like a live stream that it may believe to be a threat?

You will need to disable those and try again to reconnect. Ensure your security settings are not blocking pop-ups, cookies, and javascript in your browser. 

5) Did you click the play button to join the video stream?

If you have tried all of these remedies without a resolution, there may be some other explanations. 

  • The WebinarJam software may not be working properly
  • The timing of you joining may be during a time the webinar has not started yet or is already over.
  • The presenter may be having issues connecting to the webinar itself, which will appear like the issue may be you when it is out of your control.
  • The link you are using may not be the correct link.

If none of these solutions resolved your issue, feel free to submit a support ticket and we will try to find a solution for you.

Recommended Computer and Internet Connection Settings for a Smooth Webinar Experience:


  • Internet Connection Speed at 5Mbps or more
  • Latency under 100 ms
  • Check at http://speedcheck.org/
  • Google Chrome web browsers for Windows, Macs, and Andriod devices. Firefox could also be used for Windows.
  • Safari web browser works best for iPhones.
  • Most modern computers and laptops made in the last 3 years that can stream youtube videos at 1080p or 720p without glitches will be fine.
  • Test yours at https://youtu.be/wNTWNh4WyQk at 720p quality by clicking the gear icon in the lower left of the video.
  • Ensure your security settings are not blocking pop-ups, cookies, and javascript in your browser. 
  • Also ensure your audio works in the browser you are using for the webinar. 
  • When ready to watch the live webinar, click the play button to join live. 

During the webinar, if the audio or video drops due to an internet latency issue, click the Reconnect button in the upper middle of the screen to reset your connection.